The Kamaliya Marketing Management

The Kamaliya Marketing Management


The Kamaliya Marketing Management a Delta Media division is using a Powerful Brand & Marketing Strategy to position & brand a online Kamaliya promotion, information, communication and service platform, worldwide effectively in the music & online business market.

The Kamaliya Online Platform is a unique promotion and distribution services on the Internet suitable for Kamaliya’s Global websites, Kamaliya webshop, Ambassador portal, social media, music, and media wishing to promote, brand or to increase the Kamaliya profile, products and Kamaliya’s online web presence.

To brand the Kamaliya Global Brand Concept the management is using a unique online strategy, web platform, crossmedia & newmedia structure, techniques and tools.


The Kamaliya Marketing Management newest mission is to roll out and brand the Kamaliya Global Brand Concept boosting attractiveness as a subject for targeted the need of global promotion, marketing with more reach & value to all kinds of visitors and the music & business industry all over the world.


The Kamaliya Global Brand Concept Strategy will deploy a unique onlineKamaliya website, webshop, communication & distribution portal, social media, music, media, news and information platform  The Kamaliya Marketing Management will managed and organized the online Kamaliya concept, project structure and systems to launch, brand, inform and promote the platform.


We at K.M.M. had to cover a lot of ground, starting from zero with the Kamaliya Global Brand Concept, but rapidly will progress up to be sure that we never lost our focus. Work and concentration to realize a global promotion strategy, a unique web structure and even touching into the advanced. At the same time we wanted to create a lot of confidence, to Kamaliya, Mohammad Zahoor, managers, ambassadors,  business partners & organizations worldwide.


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