Things we must do

Making money by Strategy


Delta GBE focus Strategy into 4 areas (focus, geographical area, web platforms & services and result):

a. The focus is on realizing a important International launch of Kamaliya in 2015 by the internet.
b. The geographical area is the US, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South Asia
c. Delta GBE Products and Services delivered are:

– Introduction of the music, media, sport, casino, gaming and luxury information web sites

– Web Platform at Internet location

– Business & Industry Community

– Tracking Portal with related SEO & Analytics product offerings in a Web Envioriment

–  SEO, Ranking and Analytics Software, Hardware & Systems

d. The result is a high-potential SEO platform at selected Delta gaming and luxury web sites on the internet

e. At the end its all about advertising, brand & marketing and promotion.



Recent Projects: