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Rudy Deighton, concept designer, visionair, creative and a pionier all the way.

My Core-business: design brand & marketing concepts, delivering micro outsourced services, brand the luxury & niche market, research & development,  corporate strategy and communication, Internet strategy, network  and referral marketing, social media & community platforms.

Technology tools: crossmedia & newmedia, SEO & analytics System,  digital portals, narrowcasting, Internet solutions, content design, video web distribution,  viral marketing concepts, mobile phone solution, services and tools.

Speciality: legacy concepts for South Africa, Swiss, United Arab Emirates, Air France KLM, International Multinationals, the luxury industry, soccer and golf sector.

Since 1981 specialized in developing brand & marketing concepts, research projects for the luxury business market and government.  A full service job focused  on the retail, luxury, real estate, leisure, cars, yachts, watches, fashion, jewelry, financial, social media, music, media, sport, newspaper, casino and business worldwide.

Distinguished from other (corporate) brand & marketing colleagues with the unique vision that branding should be the basis of a concept or project.

Designing unique brand concepts  for companies, exactly what they wanted to convey, and translated into a project or event.

A brand is a consumer’s emotional connection to a product, service or organization.

Branding is the foundation of all marketing activities.

Brands today are our identity.

This strong link between the identity of the brand and the person has ensured that consumers have come together in communities around brands, 

because communities are the identity of the consumer and they are a certain feeling of security or safety is .

Branding vs Marketing:

We are what we eat, drink, use, wear, and what we want to drive.

Rudy Deighton

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